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The Order of the Locked Gate

According to Sister Providence, the Order of the Locked Gate was founded to keep ancient beings known as the Old Dawn Guard from our plane. Cast off into Limbo, there ancient ones are a danger to our world, and powerful in the sway they hold. Capable of sending creatures into the world when summoned, or where they have enough power, these unnameable beings were kept in check by the Locks and the Order of the Locked Gate who would track down Gates into the world and lock them.

As of a recent disaster, the Order and its Library were cast off into Limbo in a freak accident, rendering Sister Providence the last Gatekeeper, and her meagre selection of books on the Old Dawn Guard the best source of information.

The Old Dawn Guard

Some information about the Old Dawn Guard has come to light.

Asmodeus - Lord of Hell - Three Triangles, Inverted

Said by Sister Providence to be an Evil being associated with trickery, this being was associated with the Hellhounds that were summoned into Angelfall.

The T, Chained

Seeming from Sister Providence's books to be associated with the Underdark.

Three Waves

Possibly associated with chance and reward

The Dagger That Is A Snake

Associated with death, true name begins with Z

The Spider Queen


Tiamat, the Fiveheaded Dragon Queen

The thought banished Dragon Queen, ruler of evil, hate and revenge.

Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon

The god of dragons, Bahamut appears to be included in those trapped in Limbo

Gruumsh, the Twisted Triangle

Brutish chaotic evil demon king

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