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The World

Angelfall, and the Fiefdom

Joxisys Manor

Held in the elven family Joxisys for generations, Joxisys Manor could be easily described as more of a castle than a house - shielded by turreted walls, and rumoured to support not only a dungeon, a tower of wizardry, but a labyrinth beneath it (rumours which are unsubstantiated, of course). The Lady Joxisys, a recluse, is rarely seen inside or out, but knights loyal to her oversee the working of the peasants and ensure that the fiefdom prospers. These knights are the only form of organised defence the town might have, and the people are generally reliant on passing mercenaries to keep them safe from dangers that do not directly affect the fiefdom.

The Manor is presently in a state of disrepair having been subject to a devastating fire that was put out by the silver ice dragon recently.

The Anxious Dragon

The inn is a single storey building of half-timbered walls, with a smooth stone floor. Accomodations consist of wooden cots near the hearth. The inn is celebrated for its beers and ales, and held suspect for the frequency of darkly hooded secretive figures. The innkeeper is a reflective human named Aelbert. They were once an adventurer, but retired after defeating Gata the Deranged. None are quite sure who Gata the Deranged was, but frequent patrons have learned not to ask.

Travellers can buy a room for the night at the Anxious Dragon for 2 silver merchants (sp) per night.

Silverbell Farm

Considered across the fiefdom to be the best, most productive farm in Lady Joxisys's dominion, so long as you only ask when the chief farmer, a grumpy gnome called Farvyn, is looking. Aside from wheat and meat, Silverbell farm also prides itself on an orchard of Bell Apples - a fruit with the magical property of letting you hear music for minutes after you eat them, and capable of producing a delicious silvery cider.

Southwind Farm

Considered across the fiefdom to be the best, most productive farm in Lady Joxisys's domain, so long as you only ask when the chief farmer, a grumpy dwarf called Magnum, is looking. Aside from barley and milk, Southwind farm also tends a small vineyard from which Angelwine - a type of delicious silvery wine - is made.


The Angelfall Temple is devoted to the good gods of the world. The existence of all the gods in the common pantheon is accepted, but the people of Angelfall generally hold to worship the good ones (for the neutral ones are often considered indifferent, and avoiding the attention of the evil ones is probably for the best). Eldath, goddess of peace, is particularly venerated in Angelfall, having domain over life and nature, and being symbolically associated with waterfalls. A small cadre of priests tend the Temple for pay by the lady, and are considered her vassals. A larger cadre of nuns tend the Temple for true devotion.

Beneath the temple is an armoury of blessed and cursed esoterica, along with the town's records. Sister Providence also now keeps her modest collection of secret books and information on the Gates, Locks, the Old Dawn Guard, and the Order of the Locked Gate.

Ei'va's Apothecary

Tended by Ei'va, the Dabbler, the apothecary is a good source of herbs, potions, and mundane magical curios, though Ei'va claims to have unlocked deeper secrets of the universe.

Ina's Place

Inamoira owns a small cottage close to the manor walls, not far from Valaea's house. It is currently sparsely decorated.

Angelfall Caves

Beneath the falls, which are currently home to the silver ice dragon Chaubask, are an elaborate series of tunnels that go deep beyond the falls.


Beyond Angelfall, there are larger, more prosperous fiefdoms, all serving the Queen of the land. This game is unlikely to involve the affairs of those places, but people from them may appear. Feel free to invent details about the wider world to bring in. Any factions introduced into the game from the wider world will be IC new to you.

Other places:

  • Haghborim (Dwarven city)
  • Ardglass (Human town)



Currency in Angelfall, while following the convention of ten copper makes one silver, ten silver makes one gold, etc of most the world, is colloquially given names referring to those most commonly handling them:

  • Copper Pieces (cp) - Beggars
  • Silver Pieces (sp) - Merchants
  • Gold Pieces (gp) - Priests
  • Platinum Pieces (pp) - “Get off my carpet you filthy peasant”, or Shiny Tosspots
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