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The Residents

Some quick bios of residents people will be aware of in the village.

Lady Sarya Joxisys

  • Elf, She/Her Construct, She/Her

Lady of the Fiefdom, inheritor of Joxisys Manor, a recluse about whom little is known beyond her name, and that she maintains the fiefdom via the vassal knights who are loyal to her.

The locks have recently discovered that Lady Joxisys died from a plague 20 years ago, but owing to a curse that will see the seal between the Material Plane and Limbo break at the end of the Joxisys Line, her soul is currently captured and maintaining a mechanical construct.

Ser Silvia

  • Half-Orc, She/Her

Most known of the Vassal Knights, Ser Silvia busies herself with ensuring that the farms are protected from vicious wildlife, and that mercenaries are hired to deal with threats of bandits and outlaws.

Ser Sarris

  • Elf, They/Them

Lower ranked Vassal Knight

Ser Caeda

  • Elf, He/Him

Lower ranked Vassal Knight


  • Human, They/Them

Owner of The Anxious Dragon, the only tavern and inn in Angelfall, Aelbert was once an adventurer, but retired after defeating Gata the Deranged. None are quite sure who Gata the Deranged was, but frequent patrons have learned not to ask. A knowledgeable person, there's rarely anything Aelbert doesn't claim to know at least something about.


  • Gnome, He/Him

Chief farmer of the Silverbell Farm, Farvyn is grumpy and short tempered, always with pressing work to be doing. While usually recruiting for help with the farm from the village, he's mistrustful and doesn't take kindly to strangers. His distaste for Southwind farm is well known, and oft-provoked.


  • Dwarf, She/Her

Chief farmer of the Southwind Farm, Magnum is ageing and weary. She desperately wishes that one of her children would return from adventuring to take over the farm so she can take her twilight years in peace. Her distaste for Silverbell Farm is well known, though the source of the dispute is not.

Sibling Patience

  • Tiefling, They/Them

Priestex of Lathander, god of birth and renewal, Patience tends to the Temple, but is rumoured to do less than the bare minimum to satisfy the vassal knights. Their devotion is questionable but unquestioned, since to do so would incur the wrath of Priestex Patience, and they would surely call upon the gods to curse any who insulted them.

Priestex Providence

  • Tiefling, She/Her

While the Nuns of the Temple have no strict hierarchy, Sister Providence is one of the more well known in the village as she frequents the market searching for books to fill out the Temple's modest library. Truly devoted, Sister Providence is rumoured to be “disappointed” in Priestex Patience, but no more than that.


  • Half-Elf, They/Them

The village's resident “expert” in the arcane is perhaps more expert by default than due to any miraculous talent, but they know a thing or two about magic and potions.


  • Halfling, She/Her

Even for a halfling, Smidge is small, yet she is mighty. The town's most accomplished smith, she keeps the ploughs sturdy and the vassal knights' swords sharp, and can outdrink anyone in a drinking contest.


  • Human. He/Him

Travelling adventurer of limited competence. Former adventuring partner of Hycis, whom Lierin believes is following him around as a spirit.

Estrella Hodgkin

  • Human, She/Her

Mother of Valaea Hodgkin


  • Silver Dragon. He/Him

Rapidly aging Silver Ice Dragon living in the cave beneath Angelfall, freezing the river. Has a growing hoard of Silver


  • Hobgolbin. He/Him

Begrudging butler to Chaubask.


  • Elf. They/Them

Pasty traveller who paid a lot of interest to Ina's stories. Currently away.


  • Tiefling, They/Them

Former High Priestex from Ardglass. Currently in Custody. Not usually involved in town matters.

Hycis (Deceased)

  • Human. He/Him.

Former travelling adventurer partner of Lierin. Current corpse.

Believed by Lierin to be following him around as a spirit.

Ser Zarah (deceased)

  • Human, They/Them

Lesser liked Vassal Knight, Ser Zarah is a particular stickler for tax collection and is often found hounding market stalls for their dues.

Ser Zarah survived the plague of 20 years ago that wiped through humans in the town and attempted to achieve immortality in order to give themselves time to solve the problem of Sarya Joxisys's death.

Busserlum (Deceased)

  • Dwarf. He/Him

Friend of the original Lady Angela Joxisys who founded Angelfall.

Angela Joxisys (Deceased)

  • Elf. She/Her

Founder of Angelfall.

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